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             implementation of a national curricular framework with a common structure (10+2+3) throughout the country. It also envisaged the building of a national system of education in which all students will have access to education of a comparable quality along with providing condition for access. The Programme of Action (POA), 1992 worked out modalities for implementation of the NPE and specified programmes for development of facilities for qualitative improvement of education.


(b)         The POA 1992 recognised the increased demand for secondary education and backed the NPE 1986 by calling for a planned expansion of secondary education facilities all over the country. The need for higher participation of girls, SC/ST, transformation and reorganization of Boards for secondary education and vesting them with autonomy so that they have the ability to improve the quality of secondary education, equipping the secondary level institutions with computers so that the children develop necessary computer skills to be effective in ongoing developments in technological world was stressed.


(c)         The success of SSA will definitely generate higher demand for secondary education and therefore, it is necessary to undertake planned interventions for expansion and quality improvement of secondary education.


(d)         The Directorate of Secondary Education functioning under the Education Department of Assam is responsible  for administrative control, Development & Expansion, Inspection & Supervision, Monitoring & Evaluation of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education including Jr. College with + 2 stage of Higher Secondary Section.


B. Acts & Rules administered by the Department:


(a)          “The Assam Secondary Education (Provincialisation) Act, 1977”.


(b)          “The Assam Secondary Education Act, 1961” for constitution of the Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA).


(c)          “The Assam Higher Secondary Education Act, 1984 for constitution of the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC).

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