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Annual Administrative Report

Secondary EDUCATION: assam


[for the period with effect from 1.4.06 to 31.3.07]



1.    Mandate of the Department :


A.  Objectives, functions, roles and responsibilities etc.


(a)         Secondary education is the education of the adolescents- the most storming, yet most formative years of human life. Building on the childhood, human beings graduate to adulthood through adolescents as productive members of the society. Thus, development of a society or a state or a nation is inseparable from education of the adolescents and secondary education. Given the stage of our national development, secondary education provides the largest single educated, though unskilled, manpower to all sectors of economy. Secondary education has, hence, the single most significance to national development.


(b)         Higher education that guards the development of frontiers of our nation stands on the shoulder of secondary education. A weak shoulder can offer only weak support. Primary education draws its teaching personnel from secondary education; weak secondary education can hardly produce strong and dependable teachers for our primary schools. It is necessary to understand the seminal importance of secondary education as the connecting link in the educational structure.


Though expansion of secondary Education has not been on the agenda of policies on education, improvement of its quality has been recognised as a major concern. This very concern was the basis of setting up of the Secondary Education Commission in India (1953) with the objective to diagnose the growth pattern of secondary education and suggested measures for its reorganization and improvement. Subsequently, the Report of the Education Commission (1964-66) also looked into different aspects of development of secondary education. It articulated goals and objectives of education for all stages in the context of national development priorities. The National Policy on Education, 1986 recommended the

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